Ancillary Services

img_5084-editedEffective from 1st April 2018, all prices include VAT

Lift on / or off trailer /from water / rack: £75.00

Lift, pressure wash, re-launch within 1 hour:   £110.00
badly fouled vessels billed on a time basis at £50.00 per additional 30  minutes

“Rent a Rack”: £150.00
Lift, 1/2 hour pressure wash and place on yard rack for up to 7 days

Additional day on “Rent a Rack”: £10.00

Additional month on “Rent a Rack” per metre LOA: £28.80

Additional pressure wash per 1/2 hour: £50.00

Trailer storage collection / delivery up front fee (BBS – Selwyn): £25.00 

Trailer storage at Selwyn Yard: £20.00 per week 

Slipway – 1 day use inc trailer / car parking / use of hose (inc jetskis): £20.00
Self launching and recovery (unassisted)

Slipway – 7 day use inc trailer / car parking / use of hose (inc jetskis): £100.00
Self launching and recovery (unassisted)

Jet Ski storage: by quotation
Self launching and recovery (unassisted) – no wash off

Towing/boat movement (on the water) within Harbour confines: £40.00 per 1/2 hour

Towing by road – 1 person (additional staff see Labour): £80.00 per hour 

Labour rates per hour (most tasks – specialist task by quotation): £42.00

Spa storage per metre per week un-stepped / stepped by owner: £0.50

Stepping / un-stepping using forklift: £100.00 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour)

Outboard engine storage per week (max 20hp): £2.00

Yacht cradle hire per week: £18.00

Power for DIY work per day: £1.00

Shrink wrap cover service: by quotation

Mast storage: by quotation

Crane hire: by quotation

BBS does not loan or supply any tools, materials, extension leads etc

All prices are effective from 01 April 2018 and inclusive of VAT.  Prices per metre are for the maximum LOA.  Minimum charge of 5m LOA.  All payments are due in advance. Annual contracts can be paid by Standing Order subject to prior agreement, 10% surcharge applies.  Annual contract price is for a 12 month licence period only.  Late payments charged at £30 per month, plus 2% interest per month.  All moorings are subject to our terms and conditions, available from our website.

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