BBS Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of BBS Storage Licence

  1. Persons accepting the Boat Storage Licence are deemed to accept the Bembridge Boat Storage (BBS) Terms and Conditions as set out below, Bembridge Harbour Byelaws, and BHA General Berthing Terms and Conditions (available at BBS and BHA reserve the right to update/amend all Terms and Conditions as deemed necessary.
  2. The Boat Storage Licence is not transferable and is valid for the stated boat and owner/s only, no sub-letting is permitted. Joint/co-ownership of vessels is to be declared in writing to BBS. Notification must be given in the case of a change of ownership.
  3. BBS is to be issued valid communication details for the vessel owner as above and is to be informed within seven days of any change to communication details.
  4. A Customer Consent Form (as attached) must be completed by the owner prior to the boat arriving at BBS.
  5. A Boat Delivery Consent Form must be completed by the owner in advance if a boat is to be collected / delivered by BBS staff on behalf of the owner, outside the jurisdiction of Bembridge Harbour, transiting either by road or sea.
  6. BBS reserves the right to move vessels and/or equipment at their discretion, and to change the vessel storage location as required.
  7. BBS makes every effort to launch/recover vessels at the time of the owners request. However, at peak times delay may be unavoidable and vessels will be dealt with on a booked or “first come” basis.   BBS reserves the right to change operating hours as required by the business and to reflect tides.
  8. The vessel is to be insured to meet the conditions of BHA General Berthing Terms and Conditions, to include public liability for £2m and third party liability cover; owners are to advise their insurers that the vessel is stored at BBS.
  9. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all flares / pyrotechnics kept on board their vessel when in storage at BBS, or berthed on a BBS/BHA pontoon or mooring within the Harbour, are in date and stored as per the manufacturers instructions, and that all out of date flares are removed from the vessel.
  10. Jerry cans must not be stored on any vessel or anywhere on the BBS premises.
  11. BBS operates a Permit to Work Register for all sub-contractors working for BBS or on behalf of individual customers. Customers commissioning a sub-contractor to undertake work on their behalf are to advise BBS in advance and ensure that the sub-contractor applies for, and is issued with, a Permit by BBS before any work commences.   The nature/method of the work and materials used must be agreed in advance by BBS. Sub-contracting work is permitted within BBS opening hours only.  No hot work is allowed on the site at all.
  12. BBS do not loan or supply any tools, materials, extension leads etc.
  13. Complaints regarding boat storage must be notified in writing to Malcolm Thorpe ( immediately. BBS reserves the right to ask the boat owner(s) to produce evidence that they and their vessel satisfy the terms and conditions of the storage licence.  Not adhering to the terms and conditions can result in the storage licence being cancelled and no refund will be due.
  14. Payment Terms – 14 days from invoice date.
  15. Payment for boat storage can be made by bank transfer, credit/debit card, cheque or cash. Please note that AMEX cards and post dated cheques are not acceptable.
  16. Late payment fee of £30.00 will be charged after 30 days, £30.00 collection/default fee charge per month + 2% interest per month.
  17. Early termination of annual contract – period used will be charged at the higher of the applicable summer tariff change and will be charged to the last day of a 16-week notice period.
  18. Harbour Dues are charged at the applicable BHA rates.  BBS annual contracts receive £25% discount.

All prices are effective from 01 April 2018 and inclusive of VAT.  Prices per metre are for the maximum LOA.  Minimum charge of 5m LOA.  All payments are due in advance. Annual contracts can be paid by Standing Order subject to prior agreement, 10% surcharge applies.  Annual contract price is for a 12 month licence period only.  Late payments charged at £30 per month, plus 2% interest per month.  All moorings are subject to BHA general terms and conditions, available from the BHA website.

Last updated: March 2018

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