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See our 2018-2019 BHA BBS promotions 2018 for a Special Offer on Rent a Rack 

Rent a Rack: our standard lift out, fresh water wash-down & relaunch service for £150 but to include the offer of a week on an external ground rack (boats up to 9m LOA) allowing DIY work to be done – antifouling etc (or we will be happy to do it for you!).   Electricity, Protective screening, Waste disposal, services, available at set tariff rates.  Extended rack rental periods are available at £10 per day.

BBS Terms and Conditions for the short-term use of an
external rack for DIY maintenance – “Rent a Rack”

1.      Persons using an external rack on a temporary basis as part of the Rent a Rack offer are deemed to accept the Bembridge Boat Storage (BBS) Terms and Conditions, these specific Terms & Conditions, BHA General Berthing Terms and Conditions and the Bembridge Harbour Byelaws (link available by clicking on the title or at  BBS and BHA reserve the right to update/amend all Terms and Conditions as deemed necessary.

2.     Bembridge Boat Storage will be responsible for:

2.1   Lifting the Vessel (max LOA 9 metres – no fin keels) and placing it on an outside rack in a designated holding bay with additional space for a regular sized vehicle to park adjacent to it.

2.2   While lifted and held on the forklift, an inclusive 30-minute wash down service will be carried out.   Note: Heavily soiled vessels requiring more than 30-minutes labour will incur an additional wash down charge.

2.3    On request, the following support services, charged at a set tariff rate (T) can be provided:

  • Electricity power supply – socket only – power leads will not be supplied  (T)
  • Safety screening to prevent damage and/or risk to neighbouring vessels (T)
  • Fresh water (cold) supply – hoses will not be supplied (no  charge)
  • Light, domestic, general waste disposal (Non-Hazardous) facilities will be provided (no charge)
  • Oil and battery waste /hazardous waste disposal service is available (subject to an approved & licenced external collection / disposal contract and costs agreement) (T)
  • Shrink Wrapping, (a plastic sheet cover bonding service) (T)

2.4    Fire safety equipment will be made available on site.

3.      The Vessel Owner will be responsible for:

3.1     Ensuring compliance with these Terms & Conditions, by anyone working on the Vessel* (reference is drawn to BHA General Condition 16 as below).

3.2    The Vessel must have valid insurance, to include 3rd party liability for a minimum of £2 million.

3.3    In accordance with *BHA General Condition 16, the Owner is responsible for ensuring that any outside contractor has applied for, and has been issued with, a valid BBS Permit to Work, which requires the production of a valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate (copy retained by BBS).

An outside contractor’s Permit to Work must be in place before any work can commence.

3.4    The nature/method of all work and materials applied must take into account the safety and well-being of the site, other nearby vessels, residents and persons in the working area.  No hot work / use of flame is allowed anywhere on the site at any time.

3.5    Maintenance works can only be carried out within reasonable set hours 0800-2000hrs max.

3.6   Damage caused to BBS property including unprotected ground surface area may incur additional repair and clean up charges (owners are encouraged to use ground/screening protection covers.)

3.7    The security of the Vessel and any property contained therein or left in the rental bay, is the sole responsibility of the Vessel’s Owner.

3.8   The Vessel Owner’s communication details must be provided to BBS Staff and any changes notified.

3.9   Personal health & safety considerations when works are being carried out, and the wearing of any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are the responsibility of the Owner or if applicable, the outside contractor.

3.10  If Hazardous chemicals or other materials are being used, BBS staff must be notified in advance.

3.11  A Customer Consent Form (as attached) must be completed by the owner prior to the boat arriving at BBS.

4.      Extending rental agreements:

4.1    Should an extension of the rental agreement be required, application / notification should be made to BBS at least 48 hours before the expiry of the existing agreement.

4.2    By accepting the rental offer, it is taken that an acceptance of these terms and conditions are agreed.

4.3    Full payment prior to re-launching is required.


* Extract from BHA General Terms & Conditions:


16.1 Subject to Clause 16.2 no work shall be done on the Vessel, gear, equipment or other goods while on the Premises without the Company’s prior consent other then minor running repairs or minor maintenance of a routine nature by the Owner, his regular crew or members of his family whilst not causing nuisance, or annoyance to any other customer or person residing in the vicinity, nor interfering with the Company’s schedule of work, nor involving access to prohibited areas.

16.2 Prior written consent will not be unreasonably withheld where:

16.2.1 The work is of a type for which the Company would normally employ a specialist sub-contractor; or

16.2.2 The work is being carried out under warranty by the manufacturer and/or supplier of the Vessel or any part of the equipment to which the warranty relates.

16.2.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, during periods of work by the Company on the Vessel, neither the Owner nor his invitees shall have access to the Vessel without the Company’s prior consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

16.2.4 The Company operates a Permit to Work Scheme.  All third-party contractors should seek consent from the Company and obtain a BHA Permit to Work before any work commences.  All third-party contractors must hold current third party liability insurance and provide a copy of their certificate.



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